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Double check your firewall config. You've probably done that but I'm just making sure.

How do you have your router set up (UPNP enabled, port forwarded or neither)?
If your model supports UPnP (some Axesstel devices do, not sure about yours as we'll need the model number), enable it within the router & also choose that option within FW's tools > options > advanced > firewall config. Give it a while to settle down & see what happens!

Do you have Service Pack 2 installed? Are you using a patch to increase connections? Check the thread below for a link to the patch, it might help.
Connection Issues
Loads of people are having probs with FW connections right now & it has me stumped. I'd be really interested to see if that patch helps. I've used a patch for a while & my FW is connecting fine.

Otherwise try port forwarding. Check the site below, if your router's listed you'll find step by step instructions. Choose LW from the list of programs, FW isn't listed & setup is the same. *If setting up a static IP's in the instructions, don't miss that's important.

Can you please let us know if any of those fixes work?
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