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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse
If you have any version at or above your downloads
can be arbitrarily stopped or limited by Free Peers at any
time. This is what happened early this week when everyone
with these new versions suddenly found themselves
completely unable to download and then spent several
hours at a crippled rate.

Vinnie just had to test his new weapon, possibly to show
the RIAA lawyers breathing down his neck that he could do it.

To protect yourself from future episodes of sabotage, I
suggest you switch to versions older than 5.2.anything and
never upgrade again. If upgrade dialogs are a bother try
the expired beta 5.1.0b25 and use the BearStart utility to run it.

This is the best p2p file sharing program i have ever used. Anyone who is a true sharer will also share this information. This version is GREAT!!! Anyne who tries it will immediately understand. Please spread the good news that there is finally a reliable P2P File Sharing Application!!!
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