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Question Indeed the end of spyware and viruses on LimeWire?(!)

well, my kidz go wild with LimeWire and once in a while I find myself spending hours while fixing damages caused by spyware and viruses. What bothers me most is the fact that not always my anti virus/spyware save me on time…

while searching I found this new p2p file sharing protection called - bufferzone, it claims to automatically neutralize viruses, spyware, trojans of any kind, even new and unknown. it uses this new virtualization security (Not a Sandbox), so any virus or spyware (as far as I understand and correct me if I'm wrong...) 'attack' dummy pc targets instead of my actual pc.

if that is true, then it looks like the end of this endless headache with these annoying malware threats and I probably won't have to count anymore on my Anti-virus to save me on time...

the thing is, it sound too good to me - I was trying to get some feedbacks from LimeWire Pros in this forum.
did any of you already experienced this interesting security solution on his LimeWire?



Joe M.

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