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Old October 11th, 2000
Thomas Kramer
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Question Low number of hosts in view

Somehow I seem to be limited to 150 to 250 hosts (with approx 5TB of data in view) no matter how long I stay connected. After 12 hours I had about 40MB of traffic but still just 250 hosts in view.

To check I tried using GNUTELLA, TOADNODE and GNOTELLA without different results. Increasing the number of outgoing connections from 2 to 4 or 8 didn't change it either. (Inbound was always set to 2)
I'm connected via ISDN (64kBaud) through Compuserve.

I now wonder if Compuserve might filter GNUTELLA PINGs and PONGs to reduce their traffic

Anybody with similar experience?

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