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Thanks Birdy, I've actually tried so many of the suggestions on the forum that I can't remember to list them all. Yes I have tried the UPnP setting on the router. I guess by default Linksys has it turned off, so I got excited thinking that was it, but no luck. I've tried it both ways and have it set to on now, even though I read several threads about its unreliability.

I did read somewhere about a fix for the wrt54g. There was a caution about it not being for beginners and port forwarding was preferred. I have tried port forwarding with several port changes with no change. I'm about willing to try anything now, but I don't know where that fix is. Is it official Linksys patch or something else?

Also, one thing I did notice while setting the firewall is that when I set the advanced services for the LAN connection I set the IP to like the LW instructions said, but when I go back to make port changes the IP address is replaced by my own computer's friendly name. Is that normal?

I'm grabbing at straws here.
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