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Whom do you mean with "you guys" ?

This is the Gnutella Forums and not the specific forum of any P2P client Developer.....(i.e. LW, FW, BS, etc).

Besides, what you're suggesting is to implement some sort of Anti-whatsoever-Ware. Well, I guess that would go way too far. The developers of P2P clients are usually not in the Security Suit business. And even if they would develop something like it, the maintaining of an up-to-date virus/worm/trojan signature would require quite a lot of cash....and since other companies are already in such kind of businesses, why should they start a competition.

Or let's put it more easily, just because Daimler Chrysler produces automobiles doesn't mean they are interested in Oil drilling......

That such worms are spread via the Network,...well, no doubt, there are some mean fellows around our neighborhoods, ain't there??
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