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Default Need help with 10.4 limewire firewall setup for newbie?

So I have that brick icon. I go to Systems preferences > Sharing > Firewall.

It then says Firewall Off above "Start" button. In the "Allow" box nothing is ticked.

I click on "New..." button. Then I see "Port Name" box which I change to "Other".

Then there is:
TCP Port Number........Here I enter 6346?
UDP Port Number........Here I leave blank?
Description.................Here I write Gnutella/Limewire.

Now I don't know anything about ports, computers, firewalls etc.

The brick is still there.

Underneath where it says Firewall off in the Firewall tab of System Preferences. Do I press the "Start" button???

Also if people upload(How many do I let at a time) does that make my downloads faster, because they seem to be slow. I have ADSL 1500k with TPG

I have a Billion 5100 ADSL Router for what its worth which I havent configured anything with.

Now if anybody could help here I'd be stoked. Have injured myself and am homebound alot so am starting to use computers more often but god damn they're a Head F.....


BTW I've done my homework and read other posts!
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