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I would recommend turning your Firewall on. You should always use a firewall when connected to the internet. the portnumber you use for Limewire should also be added for both TCP and UDP, but since your firewall is off that's not why the brick wall is showing.

The easiest way to get connected well (If your computer is set up right for using it) would be to enable UPnP in both Limewire and the router. In Limewire Tools-->Options-->Advanced-->Firewall Config and choose Use UPnP

Then go in to the router configuration and turn UPnP on.

This doesn't always work though. In that case you should use Portforwarding to open the connection for Limewire.

Is this your Router (Billion BiPac 5100W) or does the options for configuring it look the same?
If so then just follow the instructions there:

Remember that in Limewire the portnumber for listening port and manual port forward should be the same number. Also if you turn on the firewall in the rules you mentioned above you should use that same number.

Also the step where you det your static IP is very important
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