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Default Who wants to get rid of most/all? of the SPAM!!!?

Well do something about it!!!

And no, this is not one of those useless polls that the developers probably never even see

Register at and vote for these changes to happen and maybe even comment on some of them:

(Remember. We do not discuss copyright titles there... well not here either) (File Size Filter. Not like some of us like it but still. Make them see that all Limewire users want this)

We want to be able to filter results by filesize (Extending the keyword filter in point of the separator characters and filtered columns)

We want to be able to filter words in the comments and block sentences not just words even if there is a . or ; instead of a space (Being able to use ( ) [ ] and other symbols that are often used in filenames + and/or/exact phrase)

We want to get results containing the sentences we look for. And NOT just results containing one or even none of the words

So lets do something about it!!!

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