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Default I got my money back after 2 months

I didn't realize Frostwire was free until a did a little searching on the internet and found this site. I had paid $37 for it though in October. After I found out it was a scam I called the 24 hour support line to get my money back. I came right out and said I know the business you are doing is a scam and that I want my money back. He told me that I could not get a refund since it had been 2 months since I downloaded it. I threatened to report them to the FBI and as soon as I said that he was very quick to get me my refund. He said he was going to have to charge me $9.95 for processing fees. I told them that was illigal since I should have never paid for the service in the first place. I threatened with the FBI again and he said he would waive that fee and I ended up getting my $37 back.
I find it very intresting that as soon as a threaten to report them to the FBI they were very quick to give me my money back.
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