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Default drag and drop to itunes effects limewire?

i have done a search here and read up on the different ways one can move songs from limewire to itunes but found nothing that answers the following:

once i d/l songs to limewire and drag and drop from limewire library to itunes library to put on ipod and also to keep in itunes library can they then be deleted from l/w library (share) folder without it effecting anything in itunes?

i realize it won't be in l/w anymore but i would prefer not to leave all songs in l/w for more than like 10 days or so. some of course i will leave in l/w.

but i see my daughters laptop has songs in both l/w library and itunes library creating over 10 gbs of duplicate music.

does the deletion of them in l/w effect anything other then them not being in l/w anymore? she has told me once she deletes them from limewire they stop playing in itunes so she keeps the duplication growing.
i checked her setup and she has itunes intergration checked and she is definetly moving the songs not playlists.

thanx for your help
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