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Default heres my system details WONDER WHY

I am sooo sowwie.

Sorry about the bad English Grammar in the thread title.
OK....L/W WAS working perfectly...really fast and searhes were fast too.
Always had 5 bars showing green.
Turned it on last night....All 5 bars RED.
Disconnected ZONE ALARM.(STILL 5 bars RED)
(STILL 5 Bars RED)
Restarted PC & turned OFF windows firewall
(STILL 5 Bars RED)
Turned OFF McAfee antivirus (well it might help)
(Still 5 Bars RED)
I get a message from L/W:-
L/W is Currently connecting to the network....BLAH BLAH

Funny things is????
It was working brillantly

Running winxp home
Windows firewall
20gb free disk space
240mb of ram
4 mbps of broadband
modem speedtouch 330 (mcp0631atjgd model number )
connecting from house
NO other pc involved (just the one=mine)
test page .......WORKED
using 4.12 limwe wire and current java (recommended by this forum)
I dont get a brick wall, just L/W telling me its trying to connect
I've defrag
& done ad aware

Jusatan after thought here.........
shut down the pc last night I did this 3 times
after the 3rd time L/W started to give me 4 green bars????
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