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Good morning,

I am using version 4.12.6 and Java 1.5.0_09

I found the same problem with LW this morning. I left it open before sleeping at 5am and by 10.30am it had repeated that error so it took longer for the error to kick in this time which is why I thought it worked. I will try the same method of solution again soon. I don't have an anti virus on my pc at the moment and I think I have recently received a virus which might also be causing the problem. I think I have an error because 1) I can't access task manager through ctrl+alt+delete and 2) I unzipped a file in a folder recently when I think the error occured for the first time and now every time I open that folder it has about 2000 zip folders in it even after deleting them, i find them there again a little later.

I'm updating my McAfee antiVirus but the framework service is returning an error. When I have delt with this (soon), I'll try your solution again then let you know on the updated situation. Thanks for your interest in my probs.
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