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Reduce the drag that's being caused by LW.

1. Tip: Purge the Downloads Queue!

2. * Go to LW's menu bar, Tools>Options>Speed & tick disable Ultrapeer Cap. & press apply button.
* Set both uplds & downlds to autoclear.
* Close all LW windows you don't need open at that time.
* Reduce uplds to about 70-80% or more. Reduce downlds to 80 or 90%.
* You might also consider reducing shared files if you have multiple thousands of them.

3. After opening LW wait 5 to 15 mins or longer before using. Let it settle down 1st.

4. Don't use the Resume button on all incomplete files. This can have side-fx such as affect LW's connection quality. May queue your files for much much longer. This will also stress LW & your comp. If you use Resume/Find sources then just apply it to a couple or so at one time.

5. Make sure your Java is up to date. Perhaps even consider removing all present versions, rebooting, then installing the beta 1.6 using the "Offline" installer. Make sure it's the JRE version;
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0
The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications.
(BTW LW won't use 1.6 if there's any other java versions on your system.)
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