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Default anyone one here

Hi guys, i've got the same problem.

No viruses as far as all my anti-virus and adaware programs are concerned, and the issue has only occured since i started using :
Limewire - 4.13.0 with
Java - 1.5.0_10

I can have limewire running in the background downloading while doing other things on my machine, and its fine. But if i leave the computer alone completely, i get limewire silently crashing. Usualy when i return, the programe has closed, but the limewire icon is still in icons in the right of my taskbar. When i click or run the mouse over the icon, it disappears.

Going by the amount of time left to go on my download, it appear to be crashing within an hour.

I have tried taking my computer back to the login screen, minimising everything, keeping everything except limewire minimised and tried keeping other memory intensive programmes running or shut down as well. I still have the same problem.

There is no record of a crash or programme problems in my computer logs.

Any advice would be great.

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