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First of all, i want to say that phex is an amazing gnutella client!

But there are a few things that i miss, and one that i don't like.... :'(
Things I miss:
*- In the search results, it should be possible to filter the results based on the country where the other client are. It also should be possible to connect to other peers just from you country. (some ISP's in Portugal descriminates the national and international traffic- Fortunately thats not my case ).

*-When searching for music we should have an option to filter based on album, artist... (like limewire)

Things I dislike:
*-In the search, i don't like to have to click in the "new search" button every time i want to make a new seach search. I think that by default it should be always a new search.

By the way, this is my first post in this forum. Hopefully i didn't break any rule, but if i did, sorry!

Best regards!

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