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I've said this on another thread and I will repeat this on this one, all these fake files, spam, viruses are deliberately being put on the network to discourage file sharing, an example: I tried for a well known tune yesterday evening, the tune is high in the charts, iTunes have it readily available, my search flew up in front of me, about 150 possible locations, now the whole screen that was visible were wma files, when hovering over them they all came up "Not related to...(my tune)". This has been happening for a fair few months now, I had to scroll down at least halfway, past the wma files, past the mpeg files with no bitrate, until I found a reasonable (128 bitrate) copy of the file I wanted, now this "popular" tune had only 3 sources!! This is all to common, but one way of getting better results is to scroll up through all the garbage and transfer it to the trash can, then a new "search" will fill in all the removed items, sometimes with better results. How long can this continue?? Or will it just get worse??
Sorry to waffle on but hey, i've been a big Limewire/Ares user from the start!!
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