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You can still share whatever you deem right for yourself (have a look at your local corpyrights, first, though). Only the public files of Elders are restricted, which are the files, they put into their publicised Lists (and they shouldn't share anything illegal, because they will have frequent uploads, and so people might browse them from time to time and their IP needs to be in the public lists, so that the files are avaible).

Downloading is as free as ever: Do whatever you think right (and have a look at your local laws).

The search results are the same. Polar Skulk and regular Phex only differ in one config setting, but since we don't have full blown subscription support in the GUI yet, this is the easiest way to do it

Besides: You can safely switch back to Phex 3. Polar Skulk should stay active. If you want to remove it, just remove
from ~/.phex/ in Phex 3
or from ~/.phex/phex.cfg in Phex 2.x

(In fact, Polar Skulk in Phex 3 simply means, that this line is in the config:

The main intention of Polar Skulk is to spread free files in Gnutella, and to get jewels among the free files with little effort.

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