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Hi guys,
since the last post is one month ago, i'd like to know whether u'r progressing with the work with that Studentenwohnheim-Edition. We are just having the same problem here, and if u already did the work... i'd love to use it ;].

If you won't answer within the next 2/3 days, I assume that the edition is not worth using it due some reason (not finished? bad code? whatever..). If thats the case, I will try to do it on my own (in a clean way).

Another point: I'd like to have a feature for IRC-windows. If you don't mind, I will try to add that, too.

Short summary:
- private network contraints [limit hosts to given IP ranges]
- IRC support (ofc only client)

If you wonna help me, pls post sth I can contact you. If this would be a guy who already knows the code better than i do, it'd be great. If not, it's great too

In love,
<= mE
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