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I just converted a movie and was using DVD Santa, I selected the write speed (the lowest one) and pressed the Burn! button, all of the sudden and error box popped up with all of these letters on it. I clicked ok, it went away, and the thing said burn complete. It isnt though. Does it have to do with the blank DVD's Im using? Im using the Sony DVD-RW ones, should I try different blank DVD's? I was burning ********, 2 parts, by the way. Also, when I just put one of the blank DVD's into my laptop, the box that asks you what you want to do pops up. It says that it's a CD, and asks me if I want to burn a CD, stuff like that, but it says nothing about a DVD. I have a brand new Dell XPS, and it has a DVD burner. On my old laptop I even bought an external DVD burner and it still didnt work. The only thing I can think of is the blank DVD's being the problem, it's a shame though, I bought 10 for twenty bucks and Im pretty sure I can't get my money back (it's been almost a year). Can anyone confirm this, or have any more suggestions?


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