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Maybe it would be a good idea if you could state EXACTLY what is happening when you try to burn with Nero. Step by step.

Are you converting to DVD format with Nero Vision?
What speed are you burning at?
Does Nero appear to be burning to DVD?
Does it abort while burning?
Does it say 'burn completed' (or something similar)?
Can you check the DVD with your computer to see if there is anything on it?
If it does burn, can you check the burn with Nero Drive Speed? (tests quality of burn - number closer to 100 is better)
Do you have any codec packs installed? Which ones?

If we can't solve your problem here, it would probably be a good idea to visit some video forums. Maybe if you browse some of the threads there, you will find a solution.

Good Luck


P.S. See Post #13 for media recommendations
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