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Default The TechNutopia Fullsize Hostiles List for BearShare and LimeWire

This is an expanded list for protection against spammers and other abusers of gnutella.
Place the list in this archive, called "hostiles.txt", into the folder C:\Program Files\BearShare\db.
The smaller copy already there will not be lost, as it is already built in to BearShare.

LimeWire users:
Place "hostiles.txt", into LimeWire's settings folder.

On Windows : C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\.limewire
Alternate location: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\Application Data\Limewire
(You may have to change a setting in Explorer to be able to see this folder.
Go to the Tools menu, then Folder Options, switch to the View tab and turn on "Show hidden files and folders".)

On Mac OSX 10.4 and up : Macintosh HD/Users/YOUR_NAME/Library/Preferences/LimeWire

Expect a significant delay as BearShare starts up.
Loading this list is the first thing it does, and apparently it has to convert it internally as it does so.
Update - Feb, 18 2005: BearShare and up now load the list almost instantly. Thanks, Ed!

CPU usage will be higher if you are running an ultrapeer, but BearShare will stay in leaf mode unless you have a fast computer.
If you find it too heavy a load, go to Setup/Service and put a checkmark on "Never become an ultrapeer"

Update - Feb. 23, 2005: BearShare and up now run the list more efficiently. Thanks again, Ed! ;]

Update - July 12, 2005:
A new bug in versions of BearShare (5.0 and up) makes older versions of the hostiles list
JULY 12, 2005.

Update - July 16, 2005:
All LAN ranges are opened, so be careful about files from your own local network.

Added about 8800 hosts infected with the prolific VB:CC worm. The source list
for this worm will be rotated slowly enough for most of the blocked hosts to
detect and clean themselves before they drop from the list. Those few that
fail to remove it will roll forward to a longer term blocklist. The VB:CC list will
probably stabilize to slightly over 10,000 for the next few months and taper off
to near zero as people update their antivirus scanners.

Update - September 26, 2005:
More worms and trojans added. The list is now about as big as it will ever get,
with 223,916 rules, and I'd need more RAM to make it any bigger. ;]

Update - September 28, 2005:
Catching up with a notorious spammer who just happened to change tactics as
the list was updated on Monday. A coincidence, I'm sure…

Update - December 4, 2005:
Added many more worms and heavy spammers, with thousands of sites, but
constantly improving intel results in a slightly smaller and more effective list.

Update - February 1, 2007:
Notice the name change? That's right, it's not just for BearShare anymore.
LimeWire 4.13 and up can use this list now.

Update - February 11, 2007:
New Worm. It's still small, so get stomping! ;]

Update - March 3, 2007:
Skyrider (that new commercial P2P spammer announced last year) finally pops up on our RADAR! ;]

Update - July 22, 2007:
More info makes raw input top 800.000, but better intel shrinks the final result to less than half.

Update - January 12, 2008:
Continuing improvements in intel are still shrinking the list while covering more
address space, and most of the worms that were a major problem a year or more
ago are quickly going extinct. We're mostly fighting the last few desperate
spammers now, and recent updates to LimeWire are helping stomp them out of the

They go stale and should be replaced often.

Here's a web link to the ZIP file:TechNutopia Fullsize Hostiles List
…and another: TechNutopia Fullsize Hostiles List

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