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in answer to the original post - ie why isnt bearshare / limeware / gnutella network as popular as morpheous the people i have spoken to who use morpheous have not heard of this network or those that have said "but its got spyware".

i doubt if any of these people know anything at all about swarming or fast track (i didnt even untill a while ago) and therefore think this is issue is irelavent to the original question.

i use winmx and gnucleus. neither of wich have got adverts. gnucleus so far wins hands down on the software side. yet winmx seems to have so many more of the files i am after but im
just not prepared to sit there and wet nurse it for 24 hours when trying to dl a large file becuase it just gives up so easily.

maybe gnucleus could become multi network?

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