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Default Probs yet again


Using win vista home premium
2gb Ram
250gb HDD
cable connection, motorola sb4220 cable modem
1 router, dlink, dl-524, used 1 hour a day for laptop
mcafee firewall, windows firewall
latest limewire pro bought and paid for
latest java
test worked fine

have reinstalled LW several times
have, through tech support, totally removed mcafee and reinstalled
open ports set in firewalls
exceptions set in firewalls
full access set in firewalls
tried disabling firewalls also

got LW to work 1 time, for about a coupla hours
since then never gets past 1 bar, always disconnects
says not connected to internet or behind firewall
am on direct connect with cable, so know am connected to interet
other proggies set up same way access no problem

help? can someone help me or at least point me towards the refund desk?
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