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Question seems like this is the place to ask something ...

well i had bearshare and accidently removed it, cause a spywar program was on aotumatic qurrenteen or remove or something, and it deleted the bearshare and the installer. and well i cant install the new one the number 6 of bearshare. and i downloaded from too many site to even think about DL it again. but the version i had worked perfectly. perfect DL time, and sources most of the time.

it had zango
it had my global search (search engine tab)
and hidden had whenUsave
and something else i forget or maybe not idk

I've had it for like idk a year more or less
and i honestly really need it to download music, shows, videos, files, movies etc. and i just remembered the version before the one i deleted is that i couldn't change the connection numbers, like when bearshare is open, go to setup-connection tab, and says dsl, modem, and so forth. i think I'm pretty sure the previous version couldn't customize that connection part. so from what ever version that one is, til the version before bearshare 6 is the version i need to find out. if its not too much trouble, maybe list the versions of bearshare within the last year or so (no lite versions) but to get the one i discribed would be the purpose of this message.

well i just registered, and i dont know how long it will take, but thanks in advance to any replies concerning this one ....
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