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I have found this all very interesting as I have just encountered some problems with funds disappearing out of my account to a company called MPMUSICHQ-COM in CA. I have never heard of them. I followed up trying to contact limewire to which they do not accept my username and password. when I try to find a way to contact them by phone I cannot find any such place to contact them. Any ideas out there? I originally signed up and paid for a lifetime membership to limewire. This was 3 months ago. Now when I call this company about the charge they inform me I also signed up for their "technical assistance" as they are the ONLY place you can get technical assistance for limewire. ???? I told them that was incorrect and that I never signed up for nor was I requesting assistance to use limewire. They assured me that I would not be charged the monthly fee again but would still be able to enjoy my lifetime membership with limewire?????? Sounds awfully suspicious to me. I have already been robbed by scams on e-bay. Guess I better go get a new debit card again eh? Anyone else have this problem or able to verify this truth. I got limewire 4 months ago incidentally so why all of a sudden do I start getting amonthly charge for "technical assistance". Can anyone tell me how to contact limewire? The other company certainly had all my information.
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