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Default Is there a way to maximize overseas p2p connections

Hello, I am new to this forum thing. Forgive me if i post in the wrong area or if doesn't belong. I use lw mainly to find import music which i then dl and will actually then purchase the cd off amazon if i like the group (not always). Is there a way to maximize connections to p2p in european countries. I tried switching languages to german so i could find the groups i am interested in but, didn't seem to help. Plus I don't speak german. I am totally clueless when it comes to ports? and stuff. I am guessing a port is like a 'path' to a destination? Also, after reading many posts my d/l speed is 4810 and u/l speed is 487. So I have my lw settings as follows: simultaneous d/l @ 26, d/l spped @ 43.31, u/l spped @ 32.81 with 1 slot. Bit torrent max u/l is at 6 with min at 4. My max searches is at 25. Is this good? Thanks and sorry if this sounds stupid.
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