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Hi Just a little more addvice.

when you see a file in search eg.. avi,mpg,mpeg you want
Right click/advanced/look up file with BITZI, if its not reported on leave it, till it is,
Now music, is not so easy,
The Newer they are, the more careful you must be.
The record company's are putting swarms of fakes on the network,
Take note of size, Songs less than 2000kb with 128kb bit rate, must be less than two minuets.
THINK!!, how long is the song I'm looking for ?
so what size SHOULD it be,
If it dos'nt have a bitrate! LEAVE it,
Scan every File before OPENING them
Don't D/L exe,rar,zip,or wma files. I am expert at using LimeWire & I don't touch them they are 99.9% viruses.
We only use these for testing anti virus programs.

P.S.. Add these words to your word filter .exe .rar .zip .wma That will stop 50% of crap search results, Don't forget to apply.


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