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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse

LimeWire users:
Place "hostiles.txt", into LimeWire's settings folder.

On Windows : C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\.limewire
Alternate location: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\Application Data\Limewire
(You may have to change a setting in Explorer to be able to see this folder.
Go to the Tools menu, then Folder Options, switch to the View tab and turn on "Show hidden files and folders".)
It's in a hidden folder. The alternate location one. The "limewire" folder is the folder that contains the settings for LW. There's not a folder called "Settings".

When you click on the link to the hostiles list in Aaron's post, you'll be prompted to d/load a zip file. Save it to where ever("My Documents"), unzip it and there'll be a document file called "hostiles.txt". Copy or cut and paste that file into the "limewire" folder, and that's it. Next time you start up LW the list will take affect.
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