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If you download LW from the official site Lime Wire Official Website & Free Download it'll be clean. No malware

Here are some good, free AV programs. Plus some other useful programs (also free). Grandpa uses Vista & he recommends Avast!, I have XP & use Antivir. AVG Free is also very good.


AVG free

Avira Antivir

Antispyware etc
Spybot S & D (free)

AVG Antispyware (formerly Ewido)

Ad-Aware SE Personal (free)

IP blocker
PeerGuardian 2

Don't disable your firewall while using LW, just configure the firewall to allow LW You might also find that there's a firewall within your modem/router & this will have to be configured too. Check the Connection Problems section stickies for more info about this.

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