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Default Turbo connection but "enabling open info sharing"?

Hi all, new to this so here goes!
My prob; LW opens and seems to connect perfectly with a Turbo charged connection. If i do a search all the results come in quickly but when I try to download I just get a "connecting" message. Also, the minimal box at the bottom of the screen constantly says "enabling open info sharing"
Here's my info;
1. what OS version? Vista Home premium
2. What firewalls you have ? Just the windows one.
3. How much ram ? 1GB
4. Hard Disk space available ? 132Gb5. Connection type Broadband, ADSL2
6. Modem & router brand name & model numbers ? Standard BT home hub.
7. Where are you trying to connect from; [B******.[/B]
8. What version,LimeWire & Java; LW 4.12.11 Pro, Java 1.6.09. Who is your ISP provider; British Telecom, BT
10. Do this test click here: should say 'Your test worked!. What happens ? It does work!
11. Are you sharing the connection with other computers or p2p sharing programs? If yes, please give details of set up. No
12. Is this a your 1st try at LW or is this a new problem with an experienced user.? 1st try
13. Do you see a brick wall in front of the blue world icon at the bottom of LW's interface ? Yes.
14. Have you given full permisions for LimeWire to pass through your Firewall ? Yes
15. XP users, Please state XP firewall on or off.? Using Vista firewall

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