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Default search filters/ syntax

Hi all
Wondering if Phex has search options or search syntax much like Google does. For example..if I wanted to search for all "guns and roses music "hypothetically of course" I may type in "guns and roses", "axle rose", "sweet child of mine", "civil war" and "slash". I would have to enter 5 or 6 seperate searches to do this and create 5 or 6 search tabs..

Can I instead enter a single search that will look for any (but not all) of these key words in a file?

For example the search may look something like: "guns and roses" OR "axle rose" OR "civil war" OR slash" Google functions this way and it might help me get more results without multiple searches. IF SO Is there a help page that shows the search sytax or options for Phex searches?
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