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They are all a big rip-off. I was glad that I found this forum and I got all of my money back. And since I bank online, I was able to check and within less than 2 days, I had my money back. I still filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Commission and here is the email reply that I received:

Thank you for visiting the FTC's web page and for using our NEW electronic Talk To Us form. Here's what happened to your information after you sent it to us:
One of our consumer counselors reviewed the information you sent us. If it was related to the FTC's law enforcement responsibilities, we entered it into our shared law enforcement data system. We share this data system with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Attached is your electronic response, which includes your reference number. Any enclosures can be found at www.FTC.GOV under the News Releases, Publications, Speeches option.
Information from consumers like you helps Federal, State and Local authorities investigate possible illegal practices and enforce our laws. Someone from the Federal Trade Commission or another law enforcement agency may contact you if they need additional information to help them in an investigation.
Thank you for using our Talk To Us form, and please continue to use the FTC's web page,, to get free information to help you avoid costly consumer problems.

The government, even with its flaws, is trying its best to help in this area. You have to file a report anytime you get hosed. I even turned in people on eBay. There were 3 of them. The highest was 78.00, the lowest was 10.00. Two of the people paid once they were notified of the complaint! lol And hey, it's free to file, so you don't have anything to lose. We all have to be more careful out there. These cons get slicker and slicker as the years go by.

Even if you are over their 'trial' period, I would still call their customer service dept. and demand a refund. Tell them that you are going to file a complaint with the Federal Government if you do not receive your money in full!

Good luck
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