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Is your LW connected to the network (how many green connection bars do you see)? If you're connected, try this for your problem of no search results.
Problems with the search

If that doesn't help then delete LW's preferences folder when LW's properly closed. See point 3 below.
Fixes for LimeWire
This will kill all of your settings within LW's options, you'll have to go back through & reset things afterwards

If LW isn't connected to the network, check out the sticky here
Connection problems? Check here first!
And give us your details
System details - help us to help you

The orange warning banner with the padlock was added because there's a bogus LW update showing up in search results. It's a 75.7 KB .exe & shows up as "Urgent LW update - download & install now". If people download that thing they could end up infected. To try to prevent careless people from downloading a dangerous file, the warning banner was added to LW's interface.

The padlock symbol doesn't apply to music or video etc, only to LW updates
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