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Default Anti Leach Tools

I'v been using Phex for a while now since WinMX went to the wall.
The only prob I have is with non sharing users who just leeach off the genuine Phexers and never have anything to offer themselves. It was rife on MX but there were a couple of handy little tools to auto check uploaders file share and would boot and ban users with 0 files on offer, MX Monitor & Leech Hammer.
I dont know if its just me but I rarely find an uploader with anything in the share lately, At any given time I have a selection of 2000 files and rotate them regularly to give some veriaty to other users but its getting too much when your inundated with plebs who are quite willing to take what they want but are loath to give anything back to the community.
So the question is...
Is there anything similar to MX Monitor that will work with Phex?


A simple,
"Yes, heres a link to what you need- http/"
"No sorry there isnt any tools available do that just at the moment"
would do.

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