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Angry I Guess I Have To Give Up On LimeWire...

Seriously, a lot of you people are jerks. For real. I've asked for help like 9 times in the last week, and nobody does anything but give me the stupid connection problems link. I don't know anything about Port Forwarding, UPnP or Firewall Configurations. Not all of us are programmers and developers. Nobody offers to help me on these boards.....EVER. Instead, I'm told, "Go here... Go here..." Then, when I click on the link, it's just another thread with NONE of the information I need.

Last try: I configured my the Firewall on my PC to make an exception for LimeWire. My router has UPnP enabled automatically. However, there is still a brick wall in front of the world icon, and I can't download more than around 17kb/s. I never had this problem when I had LimeWire Basic. Can someone help me, or am I going to be given the same link for the 7,408,273,408,273th time?

-Windows XP
-Router: NETGEAR WGR614
-ISP: Charter Communications
-LimeWire Pro 4.12
-"Your Test Worked!"
-Yes, there is a brick wall in front of the world icon on LimeWire...


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