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I use NetZero DSL. I did a broadband speed test on the net and found I get 79 kbps (9.88 KBps) download speed, and 33 kbps (4.13 KBps) upload speed. This from DSL.

I've also got ActiveSpeed to boost my speed (although I cant see the results when i'm downloading) and I see the brick wall over the planet on LimeWire to show a firewall (not sure if it's Window's or Norton Internet Security). I've checked "exception" for the Window's firewall and checked "allow" for the Norton.

The irony is, when I first purchased NetZero DSL my download speed (on LimeWire) got up over 25 KBps but since then it's gone down and I can't figure out why.

Anything in the MB range will take me anywhere from half-a-day to a day-and-a-half to download.

I copied the advise from the initial post on this thread and attempted to apply that advise but my download speed hasn't changed. Others are having success and I'd like to be among them.

Any suggestions?
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