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I have a few things to say about running this release on my machine.

1. The unreadable % column is no longer the problem, even if the solution doesn't seem to be right for all the fonts. When I choose 'Dialog' font I see different row heights for download/upload then normaly expected and displayed in all other fields (see attached picture for comparison of upload and shared files). I have checked some fonts and this also happens for Helvetica, Courier, Times and a few others.

2. Now, after three days of running 0.6.3 there seems to be some problem with uploads. When I start phex everything works just fine for a few minutes. People download the filels from me. But then every new upload (well about 99.99%) stalls after a few seconds with no more than 12800 B transfered and mostly also gets interrupted with 'Error Broken pipe'.
And this is what phex writes to stderr from time to time: Broken pipe
at Method)
at phex.share.ShareManager.sendString(ShareManager.ja va:619)
at phex.share.ShareManager.upload( 18)
at phex.share.ShareManager.httpRequestHandler(ShareMa
at phex.ReadWorker.handleIncomingConnection(ReadWorke

It also happens that phex freezes and I have to kill it. It has never happend to me before.

Download works fine.

I run phex on Linux Debian 3.0 with j2re 1.3.1.

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