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Default Easy Subscription Cancelation

I think it would be great for those of us that have purchased a subscription through the bearshare program to be able to cancel the auto renewing subscription through the same program. It should be a very simple process. There are reasons why we may need to cancel, unexpected bills, layed off from work, fired from work, or just any number of reasons, and I have found it is very difficult to cancel from what is currently in place. I feel like I am trying to deal with a poor version of AOL from back in the mid 90's. The only 2 ways of canceling the subscription is by

1. Calling them up (It hung up on me when I was next in line after having waited for a half an hour, it said to call back later.)

2. Sending them an email. (I did this, and never received a response)

I feel that by having it in the program, as a unsubscribe button, like most other programs, that it would make things much much easier on the rest of us who do not have time to wait that 30mins-1hour on the phone, or to have to wait for an email that may never come.
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