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Default pocket pc

i thought we were talking 'bout p2p on portable systems?, how likely will it be on lets say.......created for a mobile/cellular phones?

also pdas run there own software. as for emule THEY have their own one they created as a side project for portable devices but i hear its running really shotty.

I picture p2p software companies as dodgey, and wouldn't spend much on something on a side-project...especially since if normal limewire does the trick, why would i pay for pro? also irony is, you can d/l limewire pro from the old limewire. (not that im saying its an exceptable behaviour).

p2p has been out since the days FBI hated kazza......still no special version of limewire? why? cause it won't least not soon.

better give up on the idea or save up for a better device that ACTUALLY runs typical pc software.
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