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Default A few questions about legality

I searched the forums for hours and found some answers to my questions but i still dont completly understand lol.

1) Who exactly is the RIAA attacking? I dont have anything up for upload[Im a freeloader, terrible I know(im trying to change lol)] and I usually download about 1-15 songs a week. I still purchase SOME of my music on iTunes but my drm music only makes up 2% of my lib. Would I be a target for the RIAA?

2) I have Verizon FiOS...what are their views on file sharing? Do they instantly rat you out or what?

3) Is downloading music videos or tv shows illegal? nvm, of course its illegal but is it something that the RIAA or whatever the hell XYZ people target?

4) Hypothetically if I do get a letter in the mail by either my ISP or the po pos, would it be to sue me instantly for x amount or would it be a letter like you have 2 days to delte this **** or your *** is getting sued?

any input, good or bad would be appreciated.
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