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Default some ideas

I don't know wether these are reasonable ideas or not, but here goes anyway.

1) Dynamically altering the number of download slots and servers to connect to based on the clients maximum available bandwidth to maximise the routing and searching possibilities. Also reduce connections when a download is started to maximise download speed.

2) With a multiple server download of a single file, instead of automatically downloading from all available servers wouldn't it be better to try one connection and if that connection can achieve say 90% of available bandwidth then stay with just one server unless the rate drops or the server drops and only use additional servers until the 90% bandwidth usage is acheived.

I hope these are feasible.

I would like to assist but I don't like and don't understand MFC very well, but if you ever decide to recode with QT i would be glad to help myself.

Many Thanks for a great program.

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