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Originally Posted by astro2 View Post
what is "pocket g2 pro"??

what type of networks does it go through, i'm not an uber-dork in computers but don't you need be using a program that connects to other computers so you have access to typical files when using psp like emule, limewire,bearshare etc?

does this link you to only "pocket g2 pro" networks? or does it use your typical limewire network??

how big is the program? what are you using? is it a pda mobile/cellular?? if its windows mobile that means any pda or 'pocket pc' is useable right?

whats the speed you get when downloading? i.e 512k??
Hey Astro2,

PocketG2 Pro uses Gnutella (thus, G2)...its the program you can use on your cell phone (wm5&6...2003?), instead of limewire, emule...etc. So, you can drive down the street and hear a song, and download it to your phone right there. Its speed depends on your carrier...the best I've done on EDGE is around 200k. Although I think its the best out there...its only up to an alpha it crashes all the time. If you do a google search you'll find links to it...many of them dead, but don't give up...some people still have it available to d/l.
This will make some people happy: The trick is, since the alpha testing is expired, to go in to the directory it was installed into (\storage card\program files\Pocket G2 Pro) then open up the Settings.pg2 file.

Find where it says License.Start and change the year in that date to sometime in the distant future. That way, it won't expire until after that date.

...also, since its alpha (aka, its gonna crash) don't be too greedy w/the number of songs you d/l at once.

Good luck!
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