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Default Re: Windows XP - Limited Account

Without meaning to state the obvious,but I will anyway...if you have admin priveleges why bother logging in with a limited account?on Windows 2000(which is more buisness orientated)and also Windows XP,Home & Prof,the owner of the software(admin)has much more access and control over their comp than older versions of Windows,so it follows that if a 'guest' is using that machine then they will not have the same 'privileges' as the your scenario,downloading.

For better explanations than I could ever come up with concerning admin rights,and all other things XP visit this forum...

Originally posted by norain
Running Windows XP and I can download just fine when logged in with an account that has administrator privileges but when logged in with "Limited Account" logon gnucleus just keeps cycling through connecting to hosts and never downloads anthing. Anyone have similar expericence or a solution.

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