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Default limewire new program?

dude after this program was being brought up in the conversation the first thing i did was google it, so i'm aware of it AND how its failing, i actually found the actuall forum where the actual creator posted it, and its failing miserably.

Talks of it not booting up, crashing, works but super slow etc etc

Although if you got it to work then i'm happy that it didn't screw you.

however driving down the road? dude i don't know which country you' come from but where I am not ALL places have wi-fi hotspots, let alone a free one

i want a p2p program so i can get free downloads of anything, not just crappy mp3s, otherwise i could do it at home.....songs at most 7megs for a high quality 320kbps, therefore not such a big toll on ones downloading quota.......but stuff like games and crap like that on the other hand would effect it greatly

thats where downloading at a free hotspot is cool....but useless if its some crappy unfinished program for PDA and celluar/mobile phones. If i had cash i'd get that micro notebook i mentioned

p.s i just noticed on a forum whilst searching on google that the project is abandoned so i guess your screwed

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