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Default TCP and UDP Firewalled - Please Help

Hi I am running BS 5.1.0b25 and connecting using the date bypass program. The fourth light to the upper right hand of the screen is a constant yellow and the message I get when I put my cursor over it is 'TCP Firewalled' and 'UDP Firewalled'.

I am not sure what this means except perhaps that I am not downloading and/or uploading as should be! Please could you let me know what the issue is?

I do not have a fantastic understanding of routers or firewalls. Please could you point me in the right direction as simplistically as possible? Thanks in advance!

Details: I connect via Wireless from my laptop to a U.S. Robotics 802.11g Wireless Router which is connected to a Motorola SB 5100 Surfboard Cable Modem. I use Windows 2000. I have Zone Alarm as a firewall. The internet provider is Charter.

I have included a screen shot with a word attachment to show what my ZAlarm permission screen looks like.

Thanks in advance.
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