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Originally Posted by catinthehat View Post
hi, i am a brand new (potential) user of Ares Ultra, but having never used on of these sites before i am a little confused.
i have downloaded the software successfully, but when i attempt to download a file i am prompted to register and pay. I know i sound a little naive but is this correct?? i though these were "FREE" download sites??
first off ares ultra is not a real version of ares. secondly you should never register to or pay anything to download something, never ever pay or pass out personal info.

i am the owner of AresForum if you would like to click the link funeral provided in post #5 for further help please feel free to. thank's by the way funeral.
if you would like to get ares running don't be afraid to come on over and ask for help. now to help you here.

if you have sp2 installed and you are using a 64 bit proccessor you should download the sp2 patch we have in our download's section. if you are running thru a router, or a dsl user i would try port forwarding ares transfer port.
as for playa's post,
you will need to totaly remove ares thru the add/remove also you will need to delete ares reg key's. start/run/regedit from there go to hkey_current user
then onto software find ares and delete the ares folder and sub folder's
from there check c drive make sure there is no ares folder left behind and then reboot computer. then download a real copy from Files
that is the entire list of every version there was ever made. i personally would recomend stying within the 190 version say 193 up to 199.
those seem to be the better of all the previous and later version's, 194 and up support torrent's. once you install the fresh copy then you should recieve another popup about letting it access the net from zone, go ahead and allow it. that should solve your issue's playa.
other's as i said feel free stop on over at AresForum, link's in post #5 for indepth personal help with ares, we also answer computer problem's, we are not just an ares forum but a total computer support forum.

thank's again for the linkage funeral, i will add this site to my link's list.

thank you,

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