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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse View Post
Run your search again. That will find more sources for the files.
What kind off answer is this. If you want faster download rates then you have to click on setup in the menu and then click on connection. Click on custom and in the bandwidth capacity window put a very high number like 20000. Now I know that your internet may not be so fast but it does not matter. I have a 4mbs internet connection and with this setting I have seen bearshare jump up to 15mbs download rate. Now another thing you should do while you have the window open for settings is to click on downloads now change the numbers in options to the max (except for the MB of free disk space left). In the get upt to enter 50. In the with up to enter 999. In the And up to enter 999. Another thing to check is your Advanced tab, there is the Secure Channels function. If you have activated this or if it is activated for some other reason then this may be slowing you down also. There may be other ways to make it faster but these are just a few that I know.
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