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Changing that rate number in setup has no effect on your connection. All it does
is calibrate the speed gauge, so you might aswell leave it as accutate as possible
instead of raising it higher than what speed you already get. All you get for that is
a speed guage which makes your connection look slower.

Changing your download limits to the numbers you suggest are pointless because
the software will still limit you to 50 and the real world rarely gets up to 30.
Allowing 999 in the GUID was just an inside joke between us beta testers and the

The best way to propel slow downloads along is to keep the searches going
because that is the only way to find more sources from which you can download.

You can also right-click on any download or highlight them all and right-click,
then select "Find more sources" and that will send out a search for the exact file.
Only BearShare and Shareaza return results on this kind of search, but it does work.
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