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Originally Posted by D86 View Post
You couldn't possibly help me out with Microsoft word as well!
I borrowed a disc to install it but i am unable to install the proper application it requires!
its called "Data ms" or something like that!
Ah, wunnnnnerfulll.... LW Start-Up prob solved...


But, no can help you here in these forums with your query re: Word as it ain't legal to discuss these things here, right ? !
(Nor is this LimeWire Forum the correct place for such stuffffff !
Better to address non-LimeWire questions to the Tips & Tricks Forum here !)

And, for any probs re: things like Word, you must state what version of the Office Suite you are talking about... i.e. Office 2000 or 2003 or 2007...

Do a Google search for the Word (Office) prob... You are probably lacking the basic Office Setup file and related files.

In other words, a BAD & BS 'copy' from a pirate !
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